The dates for my show

I have learned that my play “Harriman-Baines” will be produced on the following dates as part of the Dream Up Festival:

  • August 18 (Sunday), 2:00pm
  • August 20 (Tuesday), 6:30pm
  • August 22 (Thursday), 6:30pm
  • August 24 (Saturday), 8:00pm
  • August 27 (Tuesday), 6:30pm

All performances of the show are taking place at the Cabaret Theater at Theater For The New City.

Theater For The New City is located at 155 First Ave in New York City.

Hope to see you there! 🙂

Finished a new draft!

Today I finished a new version of my play “Harriman-Baines,” which is being produced in the Dream Up Festival (sponsored by Theater For The New City) this August. “Harriman-Baines” was written as a two-act play and I had to cut down the length in order to accommodate the 90-minute longevity requirement from the festival. It’s always difficult to cut down a play – but I think the results are positive ones and am looking forward to a reading of the show!