Finished a new play – “Few Thy Voice”

I finished today a draft of my new play – “Few Thy Voice” – which is my first foray into the Hitchcockian realm of drama.

Hitchcock Sillhouette

“Few Thy Voice” concerns a former movie actress, of delicate mental state, whose guilt at the abandonment of her now-deceased father leads her to take care of elderly, senile men abandoned by their families in rundown nursing homes. A guilt-ridden, well-meaning husband, coupled with a sleazy nursing home proprietor and a rather brutal, well-face-lifted social-climber, enable the actress’s caretaking needs to be met. The story quickly turns more than eerie, however, when the newest fatherly focus of the actress’s affection begins to reveal a story of murder in his family – but is his ranting the liberating cry of a male Cassandra or an invention on the part of his mentally delicate caretaker?

The play requires only six actors (4 men, 2 women) and takes place in only two locations – neither of which requires a tremendous emphasis on the set. The play also presents a diverse range of character roles, as well as racial and, in some cases, age flexibility in the casting.

You can check here for a script sample from the early part of the play!

The title comes from this line in “Hamlet,” courtesy of Polonius:

Give every man thy ear but few thy voice.
Take each man’s censure but reserve thy judgment.