“Few Thy Voice” a finalist!

My new drama “Few Thy Voice” has been chosen as a finalist in the Shawnee Original Playwright Series (SOPS) sponsored by The Shawnee Playhouse!

Shawnee Playhouse

The Shawnee Playhouse is a community theater in Pennsylvania whose mission is “to provide entertainment and educational benefit to residents and visitors of Shawnee on Delaware, Pennsylvania.” The group was founded in 1904 and is unique among community theaters in that it explicitly supports and cultivates original work from upcoming playwrights.

Shawnee Playhouse 2

Excerpts from “Few Thy Voice” will be read by actors at the playhouse on March 7 at 7pm in front of a live audience! Audiences will vote on the plays presented (17 in total) and the top-rated plays will be produced by the playhouse.