Playreading in PA!

Tonight an excerpt of my play “Few Thy Voice” was read at The Shawnee Playhouse in Shawnee-On-Delaware, PA as a top finalist in the Shawnee Original Playwrights Series (SOPS).

I’m sorry to say that I was unable to attend the actual reading due to the long distance between me (Connecticut) and the playhouse (Pennsylvania) – but I was wishing them well from afar!!

Shawnee Playhouse 3I will keep my fingers crossed for the contest results – but I am very grateful to Shawnee Playhouse for hosting the reading and for sending me some feedback written by people on their ballots, such as:

  • witty dialog
  • good plot
  • lots of humorous lines
  • was interested to hear more
  • liked the opening

Thanks, Shawnee Playhouse!

Thank You, Eventide Arts!

I attended the second and final performance of “Fifteen Men In A Smoke-Filled Room” today – another great job! The cast was even better than it was last night and the audience was very responsive. I even got the opportunity to meet two Math and English teachers of mine from my days at Cape Cod Academy in Osterville, MA!!

I would especially like to thank the following people:

  • Toby Wilson – Artistic Director of Eventide Arts – for arranging the reading and guiding me through the process
  • Shannon Goheen – President of Eventide Arts – for writing the press release and hosting the event
  • Ellis Baker – former Artistic Director of Eventide Arts – for his play suggestions and kind words
  • John Williams – Director of the play – for so expertly getting together the cast and rehearsing them to perfection
  • David Kaplan – President of the Kaplan Foundation – for sponsoring wonderful artistic opportunities for Cape playwrights

To all of you, a great, big

Thank You

Great performance last night!

I was very fortunate to attend the first of two performances of my play “Fifteen Men In A Smoke-Filled Room” at Dennis Union Church.

I have a few impressions…

First, the Gertrude Lawrence Stage at Dennis Union Church Fellowship Hall is beautiful. It seats about 100 people and has a near-perfect level of theatricality and intimacy. I don’t think my play could have been performed in a better location or in a better environment.

Second, I was very impressed by the versatility and skill of the actors onstage. I was especially impressed by the actor playing Warren G. Harding (an associate of Harwich Junior Theater). Harding is a difficult character to play. It’s easy to make him into a whiny, boring, if well-meaning, individual, but not in this performance.

Above all, I look forward to seeing the show again tomorrow! It’s rare to get a chance to see two staged readings of a work. Most playwriting contests only result in a single reading. A second reading means I have a second chance to review the work and take it in after the initial experience. The end result is a much more knowledge-rich experience.

I’ll be back again tomorrow!

Check out my interview!

I had the great pleasure of being interviewed the other day by Lee Roscoe of The Barnstable Patriot – a great local newspaper in Cape Cod. I often enjoyed flipping through the Patriot when I grew up on the Cape. It has a wonderful section on Cape Cod-based artistic events.

My conversation with Ms. Roscoe was extremely enjoyable. Sometimes I felt I was interviewing her rather than being interviewed by her. We talked very interestingly about our play interests and found a common bond in our admiration for the British playwright Peter Shafer.

Barnstable PatriotYou can check out the interview here!