Thank you, Proscenium Journal

I have learned that Proscenium Theatre Journal has recognized “Encore Encore” as a finalist for consideration in their fall play publications.

Proscenium Theatre JournalProscenium brands itself as “the first quarterly journal dedicated to publishing high-caliber theatrical works.” The people at Proscenium are “dedicated to producing a high quality journal showcasing the freshest contemporary voices in theatre” while also striving “to create a platform for playwrights to share their works with potential producers and for producers to discover new works in an easy, accessible way.”

I think it’s wonderful that publications like Proscenium exist to publicize the work of talented playwrights who otherwise may not have a voice due to their lack of “connections.” It’s often very difficult for playwrights to get their plays out into the public eye. Proscenium seeks to bridge this divide by putting promising new plays in a spotlight.

“Encore Encore” won’t be among the fall plays featured by Proscenium Theatre Journal, but will be considered for future editions.

“Encore, Encore” a finalist

Today I had the great pleasure of learning that my new play “Encore, Encore” was chosen as a finalist in the 2014 American Actors UK Playreading Festival.

American Actors UK

The festival is sponsored by the group American Actors UK (formerly known as the North American Actors Association). Their focus is on providing support to American and Canadian actors who live and work in the UK. My play “Fifteen Men In A Smoke-Filled Room” was one of six winners in their 2012 playreading festival. The play was read at the Tristan Bates Theatre in Covent Garden by a group of extremely talented actors and actresses.

It is truly an honor to be among the finalists again this time around – among the top 15 scripts!

Congrats to the winners and best of luck to American Actors UK for their upcoming festival!