Thank You, Adirondack Plays

I learned today that my play “Encore, Encore” is going to be included in a new play anthology sponsored by the new publishing group Adirondack Plays.

Adirondack Plays bills itself as a group helping to connect directors across the United States with exciting and valuable new theatrical new work. Those directors who do want to produce new work typically have to send out a submission call that may solicit a large number of responses – the vast majority of them unusable. Adirondack Plays seeks to remove the intense work involved in trudging through a whole host of new plays so that directors can find what they need with greater ease.

The group itself is a new addition to the theatrical scene and founded by a professional publisher of marketing and educational material. There will be a number of different anthologies in the series: “Mostly Female,” “Social Justice,” “LBGTQ,” “Black Box,” High School One Acts,” “For Churches,” and “Award-Winning.” “Encore, Encore” is being included in the “Black Box” anthology. The anthologies won’t be available until roughly the middle of next year.

Many thanks to Adirondack Plays for their faith in my work!