BPF – Part Two

I am pleased to announce that my play “Shadows of Men” will be featured in the Baltimore Playwrights Festival (BPF) of 2016. My play will be given a reading at Fells Point Corner Point Theatre on March 26 at 11am. Admission is free to all those who would love to attend. The mission of the Baltimore Playwrights Festival is “to provide an environment that nurtures the talents of Maryland and DC playwrights. The BPF does this through public readings, discussions, critiques and workshopping of new plays.” Their subsequent summer season “is devoted to the presentation of these newly developed works, for the entertainment and cultural edification of … audiences.”

Baltimore Playwrights Festival

The Baltimore Playwrights Festival was kind enough to give my play “Fifteen Men In A Smoke-Filled Room” a reading back in March of 2013. Check out this little tidbit from Memory Lane.

I used to live down in Baltimore and Washington, DC while studying for my master’s degree at Georgetown University (2007-2008). It’s always a pleasure to go back down to the area!