Next up…

The rock opera “Memory,” which I wrote with composer Andrew Seligman, is going to be given a concert presentation at the prestigious DiMenna Center for Classical Music in New York City.


I’m very excited to see this wonderful, elegant show see the light of day, as part of what will be a very long journey.

I’m also very happy and proud to announce the cast:

Above all, I am thrilled that Metamorphosis Chamber Orchestra will be bringing the music alive for the show! Metamorphosis is a respected Manhattan institution (the recording orchestra for GPR Records) whose main focus “is orchestral repertoire for chamber ensemble, ranging from early classical to 20th century music.” They serve to “unearth narratives of composers’ lives through innovative programming and story-telling” and also seek to “bring a fresh glance into the realm of classical performance.”

“Memory” show will be performed on October 21 at 8pm.

You can reserve your spot for the show here!

Thanks, Exit Theatre

I learned today that my historical farce “Philosophus” is one of three plays to be considered for the next theatrical production of Exit Theatre Company in London… what a great honor!

Exit Theatre Company is a wonderful local theater group in the UK which (rather uniquely) focuses on developing the work of emerging writers, which is a truly special (and needed) thing.


A representative of the theater reported that he “thoroughly enjoyed” my play and called it “incredibly witty and well-crafted,” to which I say… “thank you!” I’m very proud of “Philosophus” and look forward to seeing it grace some lucky stage in the near future!

Many thanks to Exit Theatre for their consideration!