“Bethesda” a finalist!

I am pleased to announce that my biblical play “The Beggar of Bethesda” is a finalist in the Maxim Mazumdar New Play Competition!


The Maxim Mazumdar Competition is hosed by the esteemed Alleyway Theatre, located in Buffalo, New York. They are one of the better known theaters in the area and are widely respected for their development of new plays. In fact, Alleyway “is one of only a handful of companies nationwide dedicated to the development and production of new plays and musicals.” They have been in operation for over thirty years and developed scores of full-length plays, musicals, and one-act plays.

The competition itself is named after actor/playwright Maxim Mazumdar (1953-1988) whose “many contributions to the early growth of the Alleyway were artistically invaluable and instrumental in shaping a continuing relationship with Canadian theatre.”


Thank you so much to Alleyway and its Artistic Director Neal Radice – and congrats to all winners and finalists!!


Songs from “Memory”

Check out this marvelous audio recording from the recent concert of the rock opera “Memory” that was presented at the DiMenna Center (NYC) on October 21, 2016.

Many, many thanks to Andrew Seligson for his beautiful music and to Christopher Sokolowski, Claudillea Holloway, and William Guango Su for their beautiful voices.

The links below are some of the top samples from the show – music and dialogue being interwoven:

PS: “Scene Two” is especially good!