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Colin Red PictureMy name is Colin Speer Crowley; I am a budding playwright-lyricist from Westport, CT with a wide number of theatrical and lyrical works to my credit. My “official” background is in history, political science, international relations, and security studies – but my heart has always been most invested in the theatrical arts.

Over the past six years, I have grown my playwriting career  and written six straight plays, three musicals, and a few screenplays. (This does not include work I do not believe is suitable for public eyes.) My straight plays have been winners or finalists in over 30 playwriting contests since 2009 and have been presented  in Washington (state), Vermont, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, California, Kentucky, Louisiana, Colorado, and Pennsylvania. I am especially proud of the fact that a few plays of mine have been presented Off-Off-Broadway in New York City (2013 and 2014) and in London’s West End (2012). My screenplays have similarly received distinctions in national and international screenwriting contests and songs to which I’ve written the lyrics have been performed in musical revues in the United Kingdom. I even stepped into the producer’s role in 2012 and founded a not-for-profit theatrical group in Connecticut – Speerhead Theatricals, Inc. – of which I proudly served as President. I am a proud member of the Dramatists Guild, The Lambs in New York City (the oldest professional theatrical society in the United States), The Playwrights’ Center, and also Phi Beta Kappa.

As for “what makes me tick,” I love theater because theater is both uniquely democratic and oligarchic. Theater is oligarchic to the extent that it lacks the mass appeal of Hollywood and therefore tends to be specialized in its target audience. This restriction helps to make theater unique and also helps to maintain certain artistic standards. Theater is democratic in that it is easily accessible to people in their communities and something which everyone can widely experience. Not everyone can be in a movie, even a small-budget movie, but anyone can audition for a local play and be on the stage. I also love theater because theater has limitations that force artists to be more creative than they normally would have to be. In screenwriting, for instance, you can write a movie without any regard for the number of characters or the number of locations or the extravaganza associated with the special effects. In theater, however, presuming you want your work to be produced (!), you have to be conscious of the people you use and the space you use – often for purely economic reasons. The positive result of this limitation is that it forces artists to squeeze every ounce they can out of a character or a set or a scene – and, in all that, you find a depth to theater that is lacking in other art forms.

As for me, I write my plays hoping to explore the unique depth and sincerity allowed (and encouraged) by the theatrical arts and I sincerely hope that you find my work does justice to that intention.

On that note, do please enjoy navigating through my site and examining my theatrical work and progress – which, on both accounts, I trust will only continue to grow and grow over time!


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