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I received a nice “farewell” gift from Southeastern Louisiana University when this article was published in The Lion’s Roar (the university’s student publication). I recall chatting with the young man who wrote the article – Ian Fischer – after the second performance of “Encore, Encore.” He formerly served in the military (thanks, Ian!) and was a great joy to speak with.

The article he wrote provides a great overview of my experience at SLU and is also very well-written.

You can check out the article here!

Thanks to SLU!

Tonight was the final performance of my play “Encore, Encore” at Southeastern Louisiana University and I couldn’t be happier with the production.

Director Jeff Polito did a wonderful job directing the piece. He totally grasped my vision of the characters and deftly used lighting and sound effects to marshal the audience through various flashbacks in Dorothy Parker’s life. He also deserves kudos for giving the actors creative space to add great spontaneity between their characters.

Set and lighting designer Steve Schepker did a stupendous job as well. He crafted a set that was more fluid and moveable than anything I have ever seen used for the play (makes me rethink my original “black box” vision). His lighting design also expertly transitioned the audience from the “present” to the “past” with subdued skill.

Madison Paulus was a very dedicated, focused stage manager (as well as a great tour guide!).

…and, of course, what can I say about the actors? Angela Garritt brought witty power and verve to her role as Dorothy. Matthew Dale Carona gave a super-charged performance as Eddie Parker and nailed the full rainbow of his character’s emotions like no one else could. Taylor Sinclair charmed the audience as Robert Benchley with a quirkiness that cannot possibly be surpassed (and, additionally, did some wonderful comic tidbits with Neal Eli as Robert Sherwood). Bennett Cockerham was a “fabulous” Alexander Woollcott and William Hyde, Shelly Sneed, and Duncan Martin added great comedy and flare.

Above all, thank you to Southeastern Louisiana University – especially professors Jim Winter and Chad Winters – for arranging the festival and making everything possible! It was tricky for a little bit (a good ol’ Louisiana rainstorm interrupted the planned performance schedule) but all went well in the end.

Kudos to SLU for their dedication to new work!

Great opening night!

I had the tremendous pleasure of attending the opening night for my play “Encore, Encore” at Southeastern Louisiana University. I’m so impressed by the breadth and the depth of the actors in the production. This is nothing short of an excellent adaption of my play.

Southeastern Louisiana University is nestled in quaint, picturesque Hammond, Louisiana. The play itself was presented in the 400-seat Vonnie Borden Theater on the university’s campus. The people at Southeastern have been extremely pleasant during my stay.

Hammond D Vickers“Encore, Encore” runs from March 8 to March 12 (Tuesday-Friday) of this week.

Go here if you want to get tickets!

Meet the cast of “Encore”

I want to introduce people to the WONDERFUL cast for “Encore, Encore” at Southeastern Louisiana University. What a marvelously talented and dedicated group!

From counter clockwise:

  • Angela Griffitt as Dorothy Parker
  • Matthew Dale Carona as Eddie Parker
  • Taylor Sinclair as Robert Benchley
  • Neal Eli as Robert Sherwood
  • Shelly Sneed as P. G. Wodehouse (et al)
  • Duncan Martin as Charles MacArthur (et al)
  • Bennett Cockerham as Alexander Woollcott (et al)
  • William Hyde as Frank Crowninshield

Rehearsal photos are in!

Below are some rehearsal photos from the production of “Encore, Encore” at Southeastern Louisiana University… very exciting!

Many thanks to ATHE!

I am very pleased to say that my play “Encore, Encore” is officially a finalist in the Association for Theatre in Higher Education Award of Excellence – a top pick among 150+ other plays. The award “honors a new play marked by sophisticated and nuanced storytelling, with the potential to make a major artistic impact on contemporary theatre.” This is the second year that play submissions have been accepted for this award.

The award itself is sponsored by the Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE) – a comprehensive non-profit professional membership organization that advances theatrical interests in college and university theatre departments and among administrators, educators, graduate students, and theatre practitioners.

You can find out more about ATHE here!

Thank You, Adirondack Plays

I learned today that my play “Encore, Encore” is going to be included in a new play anthology sponsored by the new publishing group Adirondack Plays.

Adirondack Plays bills itself as a group helping to connect directors across the United States with exciting and valuable new theatrical new work. Those directors who do want to produce new work typically have to send out a submission call that may solicit a large number of responses – the vast majority of them unusable. Adirondack Plays seeks to remove the intense work involved in trudging through a whole host of new plays so that directors can find what they need with greater ease.

The group itself is a new addition to the theatrical scene and founded by a professional publisher of marketing and educational material. There will be a number of different anthologies in the series: “Mostly Female,” “Social Justice,” “LBGTQ,” “Black Box,” High School One Acts,” “For Churches,” and “Award-Winning.” “Encore, Encore” is being included in the “Black Box” anthology. The anthologies won’t be available until roughly the middle of next year.

Many thanks to Adirondack Plays for their faith in my work!