“Harriman-Baines” a finalist!

I learned today that my play – “Harriman-Baines” – is a finalist in a new play contest contest sponsored by 12 Peers Theater in Pittsburgh. The theater company is “dedicated to bringing stimulating and thought provoking theater to all Pittsburgh audiences.” Their mission is to “provide challenging and engaging theater” and “highlight social, political, and ethical issues that exist in both classical and contemporary works.”

12 Peers TheatreThe Literary Manager of 12 Peers Theater was kind enough to say the following about my play: “We want you to know that we think your play is excellent; we thought the characters were all very engaging and dynamic, and we really enjoyed the twists and surprising revelations of the plot.”

“Harriman-Baines” is one of 30 finalists in 12 Peer’s “Summer Scribes Series.” The play will receive a public reading in August if it is included among the four winners.

Thanks to Panndora Productions!

I received a lovely email from a group called Panndora Productions the other day. I had submitted an older version of “Harriman-Baines” to their new play contest a while back. Panndora let me know that the play advanced to the final round of judging – how wonderful!

I wish Panndora Productions the best of luck with their productions and I also wish the winners of their new play contest the best of luck with their shows!

If you’re in the area, be sure to check them out!


Au revoir, “Harriman-Baines”

Tonight was the closing night of “Harriman-Baines” (sniffle) – but I have to say I was very pleased with the production and am excited to be able to take the show elsewhere! (“Up, up, and away” as they say)

I can’t thank Charles, Noah, and Stephen enough for their confidence in my play and for the immense (truly immense – believe me) time, effort, and hard work they put in to making the production a reality.

I know, from personal experience, as President of Speerhead Theatricals, that a LOT of work goes into a theatrical production – even if it’s a “small” one without a 10-piece orchestra involved. “Harriman-Baines” was the most professional, most artistic, and highest quality production of my work that I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing.

Bye for now, New York – and see you soon. 🙂


Great opening night!!!!

Congratulations to the cast of “Harriman-Baines!” We had a very successful opening night performance of the show on August 18! I was very impressed by how everything came together – especially for the opening. I’m looking forward to the upcoming performances.

Great job to Charles Giardina especially for a very fine casting and directing job!

Noah, Molly, Gabby, Max – awesome acting!!


Great run-through in NYC

I had the distinct pleasure of attending a run-through of “Harriman-Baines” yesterday evening at Ripley Grier Studios in Manhattan. The cast did such a superb job! Great energy. Great presence.

Thanks to Charles Giardina for a great directing job.

Thanks to Sumire Doi for diligent stage management.

Thanks to Denise Hofman for her deep, wonderful score.