Songs from “Memory”

Check out this marvelous audio recording from the recent concert of the rock opera “Memory” that was presented at the DiMenna Center (NYC) on October 21, 2016.

Many, many thanks to Andrew Seligson for his beautiful music and to Christopher Sokolowski, Claudillea Holloway, and William Guango Su for their beautiful voices.

The links below are some of the top samples from the show – music and dialogue being interwoven:

PS: “Scene Two” is especially good!

Pictures from “Memory”

Below, you can find some pictures from the recent concert presentation of the rock opera “Memory!”

Pictured here are:

  • Christopher Sokolowski
  • Claudillea Holloway
  • William Guango Su
  • Metamorphosis Chamber Orchestra

Wonderful night!

I want to extend my heartfelt congratulations and thanks to the amazing cast and crew of the rock opera “Memory!”


Last night, the opera was given a concert presentation at the prestigious DiMenna Center in New York City, starring Christopher Sokolowski, Claudillea Holloway, and William Guango Su, backed by the brilliantly blissful Metamorphosis Chamber Orchestra.

A special thank you to

  • Claudillea, for her beautiful voice
  • Christopher, for his pin-dropping, a cappella solo
  • William, for his suave baritone and the iroicn humor he brought to his role

I was extremely impressed by the flawless, elegant presentation of the three singers – and with so few rehearsals! The audience thoroughly enjoyed the show and showered it with praise. What a wonderful feeling to be part of such a special, thoughtful piece.

A very special “thank you” to my tuneful and talented collaborator, Andrew Seligson, who, as producer of the piece, masterminded it through the performance process with a great deal of skill. I know from my own experience as a former president of a theatrical not-for-profit that producing a show – any show, especially a musical – is very hard. Andrew handled it with a great deal of class and ability.

Stay tuned! More photos (and song samples) to come!

Next up…

The rock opera “Memory,” which I wrote with composer Andrew Seligman, is going to be given a concert presentation at the prestigious DiMenna Center for Classical Music in New York City.


I’m very excited to see this wonderful, elegant show see the light of day, as part of what will be a very long journey.

I’m also very happy and proud to announce the cast:

Above all, I am thrilled that Metamorphosis Chamber Orchestra will be bringing the music alive for the show! Metamorphosis is a respected Manhattan institution (the recording orchestra for GPR Records) whose main focus “is orchestral repertoire for chamber ensemble, ranging from early classical to 20th century music.” They serve to “unearth narratives of composers’ lives through innovative programming and story-telling” and also seek to “bring a fresh glance into the realm of classical performance.”

“Memory” show will be performed on October 21 at 8pm.

You can reserve your spot for the show here!

“Kickstart” our show!

Recently, I completed a rock opera with the composer Andrew Seligson, due to be recorded at Premier Studios in NYC in September!

We’re at the point where we are looking for help funding the project so we can get a wonderful cast recording out of it!

Check us out here:

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 9.04.01 AM


You will find

  • bios of the people involved
  • musical samples from the show
  • a nice DONATE button

Thanks for all your support! Spread the word!

Once upon a dream…


Enter into a new world of dreams coming true.

Field Tree

I have completed a wonderful, one-act rock opera with the very talented composer, Andrew Seligson. It is the story of a man and a woman who mysteriously meet in a blissful, serene dream and then, later, come face-to-face in the flesh underneath a majestic tree – a meeting which turns into several meetings, at different intervals of time. While the woman remembers the dream and the utopian peace it bestowed on her life, the man remains in ignorance, eventually causing a rupture between the two, the healing of which ultimately leads the man to a relationship of greater peace with the world and with his own place in it.

Ultimately, “Memory” is a thoughtful, touching, intimate tale about the emotional and spiritual journey of two souls looking for peace in their respective lives. I wrote the libretto and Andrew wrote the music and we are looking forward to having a cast recording sometime this Fall.

You can find out more about the piece here!